Moore hypocrisy

The current controversy surrounding Judge Moore provides conservatives with an ideal opportunity to call out the hypocrisy of the amoral atheistic left.  This is long overdue.  For starters, the left considers all of the following OK or even good:

1. Rampant pornography, supposedly protected by the 1st Amendment as freedom of "political speech," which corrupts children from a very young age.

2. Rampant sexual promiscuity by young people, often starting in their early teens.  This is so pervasive that young men and women are ridiculed for being virgins.

3. Rampant displays of sexuality, many of which are unavoidable.  Sexual images invade all aspects of our culture on the internet, movies, billboards, magazines, video games, and more.

4. Acceptance of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle and insisting we all agree.

5. Extramarital affairs being widely accepted, with websites set up to encourage and help them.

6. Elites in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. not only embrace open sex outside marriage, but also take advantage of young interns and child actors.  Unverified rumors of pedophilia are rampant. Some have even called for legalization of sex with children.

In light of the current lascivious nature of our culture, which has been promoted and encouraged by the godless, atheistic left, the hypocrisy is palpable.  Of course, leftists jump on board with unverifiable accusations against a conservative.  Never mind that these accusations are forty years old and are for doing the very things the left and our sex-saturated culture promote.

Perhaps we should stop and reflect on God's standard, which says all of the above are sexual sin, including the alleged misconduct by Judge Moore.  So is one worse than the other?  Not in God's eyes.  Further, God forgives those who repent.  Of course, forgiveness for anything a conservative, and especially a Christian, does is anathema to the atheist left.

The bankrupt worldview of the atheistic left inevitably results in this type of duplicitous hypocrisy.  This worldview rejects moral absolutes and states that "man is the measure of all things."  The result is that every man is a god unto himself and does whatever is right in his own eyes, constrained only by the laws the government passes.  So then if you, as your own god, believe that your cause is just, any means is acceptable to achieve your desired end.

So where has the predominant worldview of our culture left us?  The very people who are accusing Judge Moore of sexual impropriety are liars and cheaters, but it gets far worse!  Consider the following:

1. While condemning Moore for kissing a 16-year-old girl, the self-righteous leftists are the ones promoting and supporting the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies in the womb.  This is a murderous holocaust of unprecedented proportions.  So which is worse, kissing or fondling and underage girl (if this even happened) or killing 60 million babies since 1973?  I fail to see how anyone supporting abortion can claim to possess the moral high ground on any issue!

2. In its double-standard hypocrisy, the left ignores numerous verified and unverified sexual improprieties perpetrated by its own.  The list of offenders includes Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Harvey Weinstein.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

3. The moral outrage of the left is in fact often false.  Moral outrage is little more than a means to gain power and advantage against foes.  I highly suspect this is the case for many if not all of Judge Moore's accusers.  In other words, the left does not truly believe that these behaviors are immoral.

It is time for conservatives to exercise media nullification.  This means that conservatives will no longer believe or take into account salacious stories coming from the propaganda mainstream media accusing conservatives and Christian opponents of impropriety.  This attitude should continue until such time as they give indisputable and definitive evidence of said impropriety, or the media become balanced in their political commentary toward the left and right.  (I am not holding my breath on the latter!)

Finally, to the calculating, deviant, hypocritical leftist accusers, I say, as Jesus did to the accusers of the woman caught in adultery, "He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone."  Certainly, even if these forty-year-old allegations are true, there is no evidence that sexual immorality has been an ongoing pattern in this man's life.  The situation, in my opinion, should encourage reflection on the state of our own hearts and behavior, and that of our culture, rather than condemnation of a man who loves God and who has taken stands for the truth.  We are all sinners!

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