Melania is one amazing first lady

Let me say a good word about Melania Trump.  She has turned into one heck of a diplomatic asset for President Trump.

On Monday, Mrs. Trump spoke to South Korean girls, and she was just fabulous

Melania Trump used her visit to South Korea to encourage more women to take up sport as she met with her counterpart in Seoul on Tuesday. 

The First Ladies were pictured touring the ground of the presidential palace Blue House before Melania spoke with a group of schoolchildren who had been invited along for the day.

Melania used the occasion to promote her Girls Play 2 initiative, which aims to ensure that boys and girls have equal access to sporting facilities. She said: 'Sport teaches children about teamwork, dedication, discipline, and how to succeed under pressure. 

'When we assure girls and boys have equal access to sports we are ensuring they have an equal chance to gain these valuable skills.

'Girls Play 2 reminds people that girls love to play sport just as much as boys do. Girls wants to play basketball and hockey, and snowboard and ski. 'Some girls want to become Olympians and many girls simply want to be active and enjoy sport for the fun of it.

'The Olympics are just around the corner. I am sure you are all very excited about next year's games. It will be an amazing opportunity to bring the world together through our shared loved of sport.

'As we look forward to the Olympics I call on all of us to ensure girl and boys are given equal access to facilities equipment and to coaches. Let's remind the world that girls play too.'

Again, what else can you say but super, Mrs. Trump?  Yes, she is a beautiful and elegant woman, but she is also extremely charming, especially with children.

Years ago, I was having dinner with a businessman in Mexico.  His wife recalled the story of President Kennedy's visit to Mexico City.  She related that she and her school friends were in the crowd that waved at President Kennedy driving by.

I asked her: What was it like?  And she said: All my friends were crazy about Jackie's dress.  Then the lady laughed, and the rest of us did, too.

I guess the moral of the story is don't underestimate the impact of an elegant first lady with a beautiful dress!  They love that around the world!

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