Media anti-Trump hysteria is hurting the press and helping the president

I used to think that the anti-Trump media hysteria peaked last summer. Ordinarily, you would expect the media to tire of its one note coverage of Trump and slide back into a more traditional hate for a Republican president.

I was wrong.

Kyle Smith writing in the New York Post:

Not only is everything (still) hyper-politicized, but the lines between news media, lifestyle media and flat-out activism have faded into irrelevance. On Wednesday, the lead story in Teen Vogue, next to stories about how “I Will Never Use Regular Soap Again After THIS $6 Foam Body Wash” and “Everyone Basically Wore Lingerie to the VS Fashion Show After Party,” was this screaming headline: “The United States Voted ‘No’ on an Anti-Nazi UN Resolution.” It ran over a terrifying picture of crowds carrying banners, some featuring swastikas, with smoke in the background suggesting a terror attack. Only when you click through do you discover that there is no news here whatsoever: The US votes against this meaningless, nonbinding UN gambit every year because the US has this thing called the First Amendment. President Obama’s appointees also opposed the resolution.

Meanwhile, “Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross addressed a Women of the Year Summit earlier this month hosted by Glamour magazine. Her speech was ostensibly about being 45 and childless, but it could easily have been made by a women’s-studies professor at Barnard instead of a sitcom star: “I look back and think about all the ways we’re told that those two goals: being chosen and having kids, are what makes you worthy . . . this narrow story of ‘husband plus child equals woman.’ And the patriarchy — the patriarchy is not pleased with me right now. I’m failing at my function. Let me tell you, Mike Pence is f—ing confused by me right now.”

It seems unlikely that Vice President Pence is wandering around the White House buttonholing aides and saying, “My gosh, did you know that Tracee Ellis Ross is 45 and is unmarried with no children? I’m so confused by this information!” At the same Glamour magazine event, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called out, “You recognize when a leader is dangerous” and got the crowd chanting, “Impeach him! Impeach him!”

The media and liberal activists are so cocooned, so out of touch with ordinary Americans that they are failing to realize they are in the process of re-electing the president. It isn't just that the media has lost credibility. They didn't need to trash Trump for that to happen. Nor is it really a question of their hollow warnings of the imminent establishment of a Trump dictatorship that is causing many ordinary Americans to wonder about the media's sanity.

What the media is doing with their over the top criticisms of Trump is angering millions of voters. They are motivating ordinary people to go to the polls and stick it to the Democrats and their media allies.

That anger may not translate into an advantage for Republicans in 2018, largely because Trump is not on the ballot. But if the media continues this assault on reason in criticizing Trump, even those predisposed to stay home or vote against him will cast a protest ballot in Trump's favor.

That the media can't see this is a result of a myopia about the way that ordinary people live and think. They are acting as if they are still the credible "gatekeepers" who used to decide what news Americans got and how they should view it. No more. The disconnect between what the media is reporting about Trump and what people can see with their own eyes is profound. And the more they scream, and whine, and warn, and condemn even the most innocuous Trump policy or action, the closer the president gets to re-election.