Judge Moore: Was that the sound of Pandora's box being opened?

The recent Weinstein, Moore, and Franken scandals have the establishment and the media in a frenzy.  Weinstein had displayed his objectionable behavior for decades.  It might be curious why it suddenly came to light.  The allegations against Moore only came to light in the last days of his campaign for the Senate.  This is understandable.  The establishment has spent millions in an attempt to defeat him.  He is a definite threat to their order.  Franken appears to be collateral damage.  In fact, Franken is an example of friendly fire.  How many casualties can the establishment sustain?  We will probably be finding out. Congresswoman Jackie Speier told Chuck Todd on MSNBC that the House paid out $15 million in harassment settlements in the past ten to fifteen years.  Actually, the Congress's Office of Compliance put the figure at more than $17...(Read Full Post)