Jeff Flake, at it again

Jeff Flake made a slew of headlines by announcing that the GOP is 'toast' if it becomes the party of Donald Trump and Roy Moore. It's rubbish. Ol' Jeff is just looking for attention.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., was caught on a hot mic Friday telling a Republican mayor that "if we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast."

Flake made the comment to Mesa, Ariz. Mayor John Giles following a town hall event at which Giles had asked Flake about the possibility of running for president in 2020.

Party of Trump. Disaster. Oh woe is me. What on earth does he man by 'party of Trump?' Trump won the election. He's the leader now. Go start some alternative party if you don't like it, Jeff.

It's one of those nonsensical plaintives from the NeverTrump crowd in a lingering bid to redo the election and rewrite history. Because what is he really saying? That the GOP should get rid of its own president and let a Democrat rule instead? So that the GOP can stay pure (and unelected) as he sees it? That all of the votes of Trump voters are illegitimate, as Hillary Clinton now seems to be saying? I am not sure what he is really saying when he says 'party of Trump' or Roy Moore. The GOP is just as much their party as it is his. Does he really mean 'party of Flake'? It's utter nonsense. The party is the party, with all its interlocking parts.

Perhaps he is projecting the Obama effect on the Democrats, given that the last president pretty well sucked the life out of his own party and more than a thousand state and federal Democratic Party seats were lost on his watch. That had a lot to do with voters moving to the other side due to his continuous habit of making unpopular decisions, often by decree, or by strongarm moves on Democrats to pass unpopular laws such as Obamacare. Even more important, it had a lot to do with how party funds were shifted and misallocated toward Obama's legacy and vanity projects and away from Democrats getting elected at election time, as Donna Brazile mentions in her new book, Hacks. In both cases, it's nothing to do with Trump.

It's just such a useless, ennervating exercise that Flake is engaging in. In the CBS News piece, he speaks of running to vote Democrat if the other choice is Republican Roy Moore. Moore may or  many not have done what he is accused of doing, but Flake shows zero understanding of the consequences of placing another Democrat into the Senate to keep Obamacare torturing the voters and taxes at sky-high Obama levels.

John Hinderaker at Powerline outlines the horrible scenario of GOP wobblers (such as Flake?) failing to pass tax reform and as a consequence, throwing the Congress to the Democrats.

If the Democrats take the House, every one of them will vote to impeach President Trump, no matter how absurd the articles of impeachment (the first set of which have already been filed) may be. That will lead to an impeachment trial in the Senate. Of course the Democrats won’t be able to get the two-thirds majority necessary to evict President Trump from office, but all or nearly all Democrats will vote for conviction. The last two years of Trump’s administration will be consumed by impeachment drama, which will be enthusiastically cheered on by the liberal media.

The Trump administration will be unable to accomplish anything. Even Trump’s power of appointment may effectively be lost. For example, if there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the Democrats will argue that it shouldn’t be filled by a president who has been impeached and is under threat of removal from office.

The impeached President Trump probably won’t run for a second term, and in 2020, the Democratic presidential nominee will waltz to victory. Who knows, it might even be Hillary if she is well enough, at that point, to make the effort.

That is how the future looks unless Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and every other Republican Senate and House member get their act together NOW and pass tax reform.

That's what Flake is asking for when he urges voters to vote Democrat, based on unproven allegations on Moore. It shows what an unserious, impractical person he is.

Flake obviously thinks that NeverTrumpers can somehow win elections, even though the voter verdict tells a different story. Yet he can't accept this, and keeps throwing monkey wrenches of inarticulate naysaying into the maw of the eager leftwing media to spread around. You don't see Democrats doing that. Even after being stiffed by the Democratic National Committee itself, which really would be a good reason to go rebel on them, Bernie Sanders continues to soldier on. Or as Tom Perez told The Hill: 'I came here to win elections.' Ol' Perez doesn't care about who's pure. He's got the party muscle to make his people pure.

Not so guys like Flake. He got the headlines and adoring attention he wanted for putting down his party and president, but it's telling to know that this is nothing new for him. In fact, it's an old game of his he's been playing all year long.

Get a load of these headlines from The Hill:

Oct. 28, 2017: Flake: 'I couldn't sleep at night’ having to support Trump

July 31, 2017: Flake: 'Republicans in denial about Trump'

July 30, 2017: Flake: Republicans who don't call out Trump are complicit

What is it with this guy? Isn't about time he left the scene? A guy who hates his party that much has no place in it. He should go join the Democrats he vows to support over in Alabama.



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