Insult to injury: Bowe Bergdahl's $300,000

Adding insult to injury, the now reported story is that the Army is considering awarding Bowe Bergdahl, the admitted and convicted deserter who also admitted to misbehavior in the face of  the enemy, $300,000.  With no prison time for his traitorous actions, this additional slap in the face of those who were wounded looking for him and the families of those killed while on this same futile mission calls out for justice.

Here is my suggestion: if there is some pit bull attorney out there, and I am sure there are many, please approach some of these families and soldiers with the possibility of bringing a civil lawsuit for monetary damages against Bergdahl.  Do not let this miscreant benefit from his despicable behavior.  Not only is he in line for the money from the Army, but you can rest assured that some Trump-hating, military-rejecting left-wing publisher will be willing to pay Bergdahl big bucks for his book and movie rights.

I submit that the precedent has been set in the O.J. Simpson case for pursuing a civil remedy despite the outcome of a criminal proceeding.  Since Bergdahl admitted his guilt and the injuries suffered by those looking for him are self-evident, this should be a slam-dunk. 

Don't forget that the fix may have been in from the very start of this fiasco due to political influence.  Why else would the system allow a trial by a desk-bound armchair-lawyer judge rather than by a jury of combat veterans?

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