If Roy Moore is guilty

Let's suppose Roy Moore is guilty, on all charges.

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.

If all these charges are true, Roy was not the man you would want to date your daughter.  If they are true, he has been a disgusting rogue pursuing young and underage girls and has done stupid and offensive acts.  A thirty-something man chasing teenage girls is scary.  Furthermore, if they are true, Roy has lied about them, so even though all the claims are long past the statute of limitations, Roy has committed a current infraction in lying about them.

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.

The Washington Post has done some terrific detective work, finding some serious character issues with Moore none of us knew about.  Moore has been a controversial political figure for most of the past thirty years.  Think about it: no one has managed to dredge this up after all that time.

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.  Do you know what that is? 

Where were these Sherlocks when Jack Kennedy was cavorting about in the White house?  When Ted Kennedy was driving home with Mary Jo Kopechne in the back of his car?  When the Clintons were calling Paula Jones "trailer trash"?  Where is the coverage of Bob Menendez?

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.  Partial-birth abortion a procedure in which the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal, except for the head...and then kills him.

Well, yes.  Excusing Moore because this was long ago is moral relativism.  Moore's bad behavior is not excusable just because there are a lot of folks in the swamp who are worse than Moore, although pouring out all Moore's sins into the swamp might actually make the water clearer.

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.  The accusations against Moore are more than 25 years old.  Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion today and tomorrow and forever.

The Washington Post dug up dirt on Moore not so you could make a moral decision not to vote for Moore.  The Post does not care about what Moore did nearly thirty years ago.  The Post did not care what the Kennedys did forty years ago, or the Clintons twenty, or about what is happening today in the Menendez corruption trial.  The Post found this information to defeat Roy Moore, who had a substantial lead over Jones, because the policies he supports are favored by most of the voters in Alabama and the policies favored by the Post and by Jones are not.

Doug Jones and the Washington Post support partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not. 

Roy Moore is a flawed candidate. I did not support Roy Moore in the primary.  I considered him less desirable than others even then, before all this swamp muck was dredged up.  However, I am nearly seventy years old, and I still have not found anyone to vote for who is not in some way or other flawed.  All of us are flawed.  Waiting for a perfect candidate is like waiting for Hamlet to make up his mind.  It is not going to happen.  All elections are about the least of multiple evils.  I am also not a single-issue voter, but some issues are transcendent.  

Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion.  Roy Moore does not.

Partial-birth abortion is pre-meditated murder. 

Doug Jones supports pre-meditated murder.  Roy Moore does not.

This is not a morally challenging issue for me.