Hypocritical progressives: If Colin Kaepernick and 'partner' Nessa really cared about slavery...

Why do progressives obsess about slavery that ended a century and a half ago and ignore slavery that is practiced today against black people?  Specifically, why do Colin Kaepernick and his Muslim girlfriend Nessa Diab turn a blind eye toward slave markets operating today in Muslim countries?

Nessa is fond of implying that the millionaire NFL players are somehow like slaves, as Heavy.com noted:

Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend shocked the world on August 3 when she posted a tweet that appeared to compare Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to a slave owner. 

🎯 @raylewis pic.twitter.com/N9k7nDgmDh

— NESSA (@nessnitty) August 3, 2017

CNN (which is not Fox News, so maybe Kaepernick will pay attention) is reporting on a slave auction in Tripoli, Libya that is part of today's reality in that Muslim nation.  Here is video of an actual slave auction that sold black Nigerian men to Arabs for $400, to use as farm hands.  The CNN voiceover translates the auction, but Nessa, who was raised in Saudi Arabia, may be able to translate it for Colin:

Slavery is part and parcel of Islam, since Mohammed himself enslaved people and kept slaves.  As the most perfect human being who ever lived, according to Islamic doctrine, he is model for all of us, and his practices – whether holding slaves or marrying a child bride (Aisha, his favorite wife, was seven when he took her) – stand as ideal.  This is why slavery is practiced today in a number of Muslim countries.

Yet Colin is emphatic about his respect for Islam, telling the Washington Post, "I have great respect for the religion, know a lot of people that are Muslim and are phenomenal people."

Many people have noted that Kaepernick's activism seems related to his taking up with Nessa, who is regarded as hot and does not exactly wear burkas.  Her Facebook picture:

How about slave auctioneers, Colin? How about Mohammed, who was a slaver?

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