How to tell if the Washington Post has it right on Roy Moore

In assessing the reliability of the Washington Post's allegations against Judge Roy Moore, it is fair to ask whether the Post or its reporters have any skin in the game.  That is, will they suffer significantly if the story turns out to be false? The answer is "no."  The story is a free shot.  If it succeeds in destroying Moore, the Post will be rewarded by its inside-the-Beltway significant others of both parties.  If the story goes down in flames, then those S.O.s, who understand perfectly that the Post is a partisan warrior, will write it off as a good try that did not work.  Who now remembers the paper's one-sided campaign against Senate candidate George Allen a decade ago? One might assume that libel law would provide an incentive for the paper to get it right, especially when potential damages to a public figure are astronomical. One would be wrong.  The courts have held, as in the case of Sarah Palin, that a news outlet...(Read Full Post)