How to talk to liberal relatives at the Thanksgiving gathering (yes, you must)

Last year, soon after Donald Trump (R)'s surprising (to many, for some reason) victory, the media of all types bombarded the electorate with articles full of helpful hints and tips on avoiding disruptive family conflicts over politics during the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and other celebrations.  Of course, this type of advice is a staple of women's magazines and lifestyle sections of papers prior to these holidays, but last year's greatly expanded beyond these areas, landing in the main news sections and even in editorials, all with a special urgency.  

Why?  I don't remember similar pre-holiday instructions after the 2008 and 2012 elections.  And that is because they weren't needed.  The John McCain (R) voters, the Mitt Romney (R) voters, while disappointed that their candidate lost – and that Barack Obama (D) won – accepted the results, adapted to the reality.  Liberals, with their sense of ruling entitlement, cannot or will not or cannot do that.  And so they didn't.  Hillary Rodham Clinton's sore losing tour, packed with her sore losing fans, is proof.  Hostile MSM reporting on Trump, estimated at around 90%, is more proof.  And, indeed, most of these keep-the-family-together condescending advices articles were written by self-designated enlightened liberals dealing with troglodyte, older, less educated, boorish, and even racist Trump voters.  So no, these hints are definitely not helpful.

So, what to do with the liberals amongst you as you gather once again? 

They're family – or married into the family.  And other than their leftism, they can be nice.  Can be.  But...they are liberals nevertheless.  And they see everything through their liberal perspective.  Formerly neutral topics such as the weather and sports have become polluted liberal no-no's.  Think "climate change" and kneeling for The Star-Spangled Banner.  But these people are family.  So what to talk about?

Ann Coulter's book, How To Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), offers a few real-world tips, easily adaptable to the present situation.

Don't be defensive.  Defend the United States.

Well, okay, liberals will have trouble with the latter advice.  As for the former, just smile at the liberals while dropping the names Harvey Weinstein; Kevin Spacey; Ben Affleck; Charlie Rose; John Conyers; and, of course, Bill Clinton.   Maybe they'll be quiet.  Maybe.

And then graciously offer them some sweet potatoes, reassuringly mentioning that they are organic and totally vegan, while helpfully offering to take their portion of the turkey.

And remember, they're family.

Happy holidays.