Hilarious: Watch Charlie Rose interview Kevin Spacey on Bill Clinton's sex accusations

Savor the irony, folks.  It just doesn't get much better than this – except that with all the media figures accustomed to pontificating on air now exposed as harassers themselves, and with all those video recordings archived in the vaults of broadcasters and YouTube, there surely will be more gems like the short video embedded below coming along.  Charlie Rose, after all, has been in the business of condescending to us for decades.

Virtue-signaling has never been more dangerous than when applied to the sexual behavior of others.  Add in the magic of videotape, and you have what must be called SchadenfreudeFest 2017.

My favorite Spacey line:

"I was always there. ... I was a true friend.  I never doubted him.  I never stopped believing him."

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