Gorka's back on Fox – and Ben Rhodes will be kicking the wall

Sebastian Gorka, one of President Trump's former national security officials, is finally back.

The popular explainer of Trump's policies will be taking a spot on Fox News as a national security strategist, adding depth and analysis to how the U.S. role in the world is playing out.  With his inside knowledge of how the Trump White House works, he should be an excellent source of information who can help listeners understand what is going on as events play out.

Here's the fun part: it should drive the left apoplectic.

Ben Rhodes, a former Obama official and Gorka's noisiest detractor, will be kicking the wall over this.  He's hated Gorka for months and made no secret of it on his Twitter account.  No, he hasn't said anything on Twitter about this, but he probably will, if, for nothing else, jealousy alone.  (Nobody apparently wants to hire Rhodes on the networks.)  The far-left press has already gotten busy, bringing up old phony smears about Gorka being a Nazi due to his Hungarian roots, same as they call everyone who doesn't see things the way they do Nazis.  I'm not bothering to link.

The irony of the whole thing is that the left thought they had gotten rid of him when he left the White House last August.  They crowed like maniacs that Gorka was finally gone.  Well, now they get him all the time on Fox News, saying the truths they don't want to hear.  Instead of getting rid of him, they got more of him.  This is sweet revenge.

Gorka himself sees it as something subtly different: an expanded mission compared to what he had been doing earlier with the Trump administration.  Speaking to The Hill:

He said he won't miss appearing on other networks, dismissing them as "the fake news industrial complex."

"Fox doesn't generate propaganda. Those outlets do," he told The Hill. "I went on them as a deputy assistant to the president to push back on the literal propaganda they were pumping. Now I've got another role to play with Fox News – which is just crushing it in terms of viewership, and there's a very good reason for that. They speak truthfully about this administration, unlike everybody else."

In other words, instead of spending his time countering every phony narrative put out about what the Trump administration is trying to accomplish, point by point, like a catcher, he's now going for the pitch, just scarfing up their audiences in terms of viewership, by being a more interesting and informative draw than the lunatic ravings from the rival networks.

Sounds like a plan.  Looks as if it will be worth it to watch Seb mow these leftists down in the one thing they care about, the ratings – and, in turn, make the public much more informed than before.

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