GOP is in serious danger of losing the title 'Stupid Party'

I have gotten accustomed to, if not comfortable with, the GOP's label as the "Stupid Party."  After all, it gave us permission to ridicule the GOP establishment before Trump.  And besides, the alternative label worn by the Democrats is the "Evil Party," and I'll take stupid over evil any time.  

With Donna Brazile ratting out her former comrades and scandal threatening to engulf the party, chaos reigns among the donks.  Amid the recriminations comes a moment of surpassing stupidity.  Yesterday, DNC Chairman Tom Perez actually refused to answer when asked on Meet the Press if he thinks all pickup truck drivers are racist (transcript):


I'm sure you've been familiar with the ad itself and the controversy around the ad. And the Republican party's response, that it was basically, Democrats don't like it when, you know, when Republicans stereotype. Aren't you stereotyping? Are all pickup trucks--I drive a pickup truck. I mean, are all pickup truck drivers racist? That's what the ad--do you understand why some people think the ad implies that?


Well, Chuck, let's be clear about what's happening in the race in Virginia and in all too many races, dog-whistle politics. Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie in Virginia this morning. And throughout this campaign, Ed Gillespie has been fear mongering. He's been doing the same thing Donald Trump did. That's not fair. That's not right. Virginia, under Ralph Northam's leadership, under Justin Fairfax leadership, they're looking for a way to unite people. And Ed Gillespie, throughout the campaign, has been dividing people. And when you, when you hit the bully back, and the bully starts crying, those are crocodile tears to me.

Pickup trucks account for over 15% of U.S. vehicle sales, and the Ford F-150 pickup has long been the most popular vehicle.  People who drive pickup trucks have lots of friends and family members.  Perez is actively driving these people away.  In their pickup trucks.  Volvo drivers elect few statewide majorities.

When you consider that the backup for Perez is Keith Ellison, I have to admit that the GOP's hold on its title is shaky.

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