Get a load of these pictures of Al Franken in action

Sometimes, pictures tell more than words.  Al Franken has found himself mired neck-deep in sex harassment claims, and the verbal stories from his many accusers from all walks of his varied life are powerful – bad enough for even some Democrats to call for his resignation.

But pictures have an even stronger way of laying it all out.

What's significant in Franken's case is that there have been clues, for years, out there about him and his odious behavior.  Evidence has been in plain daylight from photos of him on the internet.  From Twitter pictures to television screen grabs to news photos showing him and his associates, anyone can now see, perhaps in hindsight, what a God-awful perverted rat he was and still is, and why he should have never been allowed to set foot in the Senate.

The Daily Caller has curated a retch-worthy collection of photos showing the life of Al Franken – what he's been, what he's doing, and where his hands are rested.  It combines the montage into an appropriate commentary on his life everyone should find appalling in its hypocrisy.

See it here.