Donna Brazile steps up to solve the Democrats' 'Clinton problem'

Donna Brazile saw her chance, and she took it [i].  She's a survivor, full of pluck, and she has a lot of friends because she is as likable as Hillary Clinton is not.  She was implicated in fixing the nomination for Hillary, and she doesn't want to go down with the Clintons.

The serious people with a vested interest in the continued existence of the Democratic Party – the pols, interests, and apparatchiks of the Dem Deep State – realize that they have a "Clinton problem."  An unlikable candidate bound to lose will not go away, and she embarrasses herself and the party on a continuing basis.  Worse still, Uranium One is a ticking time bomb – one that implicates not only the Clintons, but the entire Obama administration.

When you combine Russia (the subject of eleven and half months of hysteria from Democrats) and a hundred-some million dollars in blatant and obvious payoffs, and throw in the mystique of uranium (the stuff of Armageddon), you get an easily understood scandal that is also scary.  The perps of this scheme believed that it would never come to light, presuming that Obama's two blowouts meant that the demography-is-destiny crowd was right.

The only problem was that Hillary screwed up a race that anyone else could have won.  And she grabbed all of the money from the DNC and the state parties, which have lost nearly a thousand offices during the Obama administration.  She became a parasite.

Something had to be done.

Don Surber calls it the "Democrat purge of Hillary."  Early on, he posited that the New York Times took down Harvey Weinstein to cut off funding for Hillary 2020.  That certainly was a foreseeable political effect of launching the exposé, so if any editor at the Times considered the fallout, the decision to publish speaks for itself.  Nobody outside the Clinton coterie wants to see the machine roll on toward 2020.

Brazile's violation of Omertà is an obvious attempt to align herself with the left wing of the party, to become the truth-teller whose heart was broken when she found out the truth of their betrayal.  'Cause she was really on their side, even while she held her tongue in public.

Perhaps most importantly, because money is involved, she has just made her book a huge bestseller.

[i] Background here.

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