Donna Brazile: An honorably corrupt political hack?

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile knows full well that Hillary Clinton would not hesitate to throw her and anyone else under the bus if she thought for a minute they were about to stab her in the back.

Based on excerpts from her new book, Hacks, it seems that Ms. Brazile decided to get ahead of possibly one of the biggest scandals in Washington's political history and throw Hillary under the bus first.

It's obvious that either Hillary has lost a political step or two or she wasn't expecting a sucker punch like that – especially from someone who obviously played an integral part in helping her steal the primary from crazy Bernie Sanders.

Let's face it: as the chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile knew that Hillary had taken over the DNC and that the fix was in for Hillary's nomination.  She even played her part by giving Hillary questions that were going to be asked in the CNN debate.  Her book is an attempt at CYA before all hell breaks loose and she gets implicated in any of Hillary's political schemes.

Brazile is nothing more than a complicit political hack actor in the entire plot to railroad Bernie Sanders and get Hillary nominated.  What she admits in her book is nothing short of a veiled confession to a massive political scandal and corruption the likes of which has rarely been seen.

Brazile may think she is saving herself by throwing Hillary under the bus, but what she doesn't realize is that there's a huge bus headed her way – and Hillary is driving it!

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