Democrat has the perfect solution to all the sexual harassment in Congress

Sexual harassment training for members of Congress?  Ridiculous. ✔ @RepAdamSchiff House just passed a bill I co-sponsored requiring Members of Congress and staff to complete training on sexual harassment, workplace rights, and responsibilities.  This is an important first step – Congress must do more to prevent sexual harassment and protect victim rights. 1:08 PM - Nov 29, 2017 Shouldn't every man elected to Congress have the manners and the social graces and already know the rules regarding how men should treat women in the workplace?  Anyplace? These are men who, for the most part, are extraordinarily privileged.  Most have been educated at the best universities, and most, though not all, have never been poor.  They have no excuse for being the harassing, abusive pigs so many have turned out to be. Who is to blame for their disgusting behavior?  Their mothers?  Fathers?  Their grade...(Read Full Post)