Chris Matthews is baffled why an Uzbeki would want to attack us

Chris Matthews has put in a strong entry for the title of stupidest reaction to the Halloween jihad massacre in Lower Manhattan.  Was there a memo at NBC News that forbade any mention of Islam or Jihad in discussing Sayfullo Saipov? Or is Matthews really that stupid?

Was this madness passed down from the suits at 30 Rock? Or does Chris Matthews wear such huge blinders that he can’t connect the dots and see that this attack is like Barcelona, Nice, and several other examples of jihadis renting trucks and mowing down infidels?

screen grab via Newsbusters 4/20/15

His colleague, Brian Williams, the fabulist still employed as a purported  ”newsman” at NBC News, expressed equal bafflement.

This will take less than a minute of your life, and should never be forgetten when listening to Matthews spout his analysis.

Here is a hint for Chris: Muslims who follow the scripture of their religion see themselves as members of the ummah (the community of Muslims worldwide), not as citizens of some nation-state, a concept that didn’t exist at the time of Mohammed’s life, and therefore is something to be shunned. Because seventh century Arabia is the model for all of us to use on living our lives.

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