Can we get rid of Al Gore as a spokesman for global warming now?

John Phillips of the Los Angeles Daily News does us all a service today in reminding us of the disgusting sex harassment habits of former vice president Al Gore.

Gore for years has portrayed himself as a figure of noble righteousness, first narrowly losing the 2000 election to George W. Bush and claiming he'd won, and then making a supposed truth-teller's movie about the badness of global warming, called An Inconvenient Truth, enabling him to walk off with the Nobel Peace Prize.

But then there was this other side to him, the pervert side, the guy who harassed the masseuses and roared with volcanic anger when they didn't rub his private parts as he had ordered them to do during his massages at assorted mansions and spas.

Those were the allegations that came out in the New York Times in 2006 and then the National Enquirer two more times in 2007, and it's a shame that the timing did not put him well on the list of men who made sexual harassment de rigueur for years among certain kinds of powerful men.  Phillips writes:

Like the vast majority of the #MeToo accusers I've seen on television of late, I believe the women who say that Al Gore assaulted them.

Any conversation about powerful men behaving badly should include Al Gore's name. Even if it is "an inconvenient truth."

Up until then and even still now, Gore has been seen as a paragon, a truth-teller, a powerful man projecting a certain type of honest image.  Well, now he's exposed as charlatan on that front.

And given that he's a charlatan, maybe some of his global warming claims ought to be looked at as charlatanism, too.  It's not an exact correlation, but it's worth asking about.  Why shouldn't the story he's been selling as his raison d'être until now be just as discredited as he is?  Harvey Weinstein is certainly never going to make another movie – and his previous movies will forever be looked at as tainted.  Why not the same for Gore?

Because like Michael Moore, whose Sicko movie extolled the glories of Cuba's Castrocare and led to the Nightmare of Obamacare in the U.S., Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth led to global warming becoming an article of faith among the left and standard fare taught in schools.  Europe was particularly smitten.

False idea movies with bad real-world consequences.  Everyone knows that global warming is as much a fraud as the idea of Al Gore being upright.  Now that Gore is up for discredit for his beastly sex behavior, can the snake oil he's been peddling be discredited, too?

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