With DNC's Trump dossier payoffs, what foul people the Dems have crawled into bed with

Revelations that the Democratic National Committee paid for the Russian-produced "Trump dossier" of phony, gross stories unprintable in a family newspaper have left some pretty disgusting conclusions about them, their ethics, and the company they keep. According to a fairly good analysis from Aaron Blake of the Washington Post, one of the most important reasons why the news matters is that it's clear that Democrats, not their supporters, paid for the report.  Effectively, that's Hillary Clinton herself. And second, we all now know that Democrats are willing to pay foreign powers – including enemy powers – big bucks in their quest to win elections at any cost.  That amount may have been more than $9 million, if this report has it right.  And what a coincidence – it's almost exactly the amount the Democrats found themselves in the hole for around the same time.  It sounds as though...(Read Full Post)