Will the Democrats fall into the 'Repeal the Second Amendment' trap?

The newest star in the New York Times editorial board firmament is Bret Stephens, a former member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.  Yesterday, he went full gun-grabber in an op-ed in the Nation's Newspaper of Record, calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment as the headline.  This matters, because more than any other single voice, the New York Times dictates the boundaries of the Ruling Class's national political discussion.  Its attitudes are then spread throughout the rest of the legacy media. My first reaction was the same as Jim Geraghty: Go ahead and make my day. Call me crazy, but I think Stephens' proposal is a giant bear trap for liberals and Democrats. We haven't amended the Constitution since 1992, when we decreed any law affecting Congressional salaries cannot take effect until the next election – i.e., banning members of Congress from voting themselves a pay increase. We've never...(Read Full Post)