Why did the New York Times go after Harvey Weinstein, one of its own?

  Has nobody else noted the movie project apparently being dropped with Harvey out of the picture? When the New York Times story on Harvey Weinstein's sexual predation broke, I speculated that the reason the Times would go after a stalwart Dem donor was the irresistible nature of the scoop, and the prospect of it being lost, once the "O'Connor Memo" (an internal Weinstein Company report) was being leaked. Rabbi Aryeh Spero, a regular AT contributor, has a different perspective and emailed me: My opinion: He was no longer truly one of their own.  At the annual Algemeiner Dinner in NYC, Weinstein openly praised the Israelis and how they are willing to fight.  He said he loves Israel...and admires how the Israelis use weapons to protect themselves.  He contrasted the Israelis with the misfortune of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who did not, unfortunately, he said, have guns.  Indeed, he announced, as he had a few months...(Read Full Post)