Weinstein, Las Vegas, and the venality of the left

Is there anything that more elegantly epitomizes the obscene hypocrisy of the Democrat elites – and their slavish servility to the Hollywood left and its money – than their unconditional worship of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein?  If all reports are true, his depravity has been a known fact for decades.  Still, Democrats like the Clintons, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and a host of others gladly took hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money and kept their mouths shut.  These supposed champions of women are nothing but sanctimonious frauds.

If there was ever anything that proved their self-serving vacuity, this is it.  This, along with their post-Vegas massacre hysteria demanding that gun control be imposed on us but not them, tells the tale.  

Whatever led the New York Times to finally report on the man and a scandal the paper has surely known about for years is a mystery.  The NYT exposé covers three decades of Weinstein's predatory behavior – but the truth is revealed only now?  What's up?  Surely, the paper of record is not suddenly concerned about the hypocrisy of the Hollywood left.  There must be something else at work.  Time will tell.  Weinstein is convinced his newly stated war against the NRA will appease his critics.  It will mollify only the most clueless among them.

Adding further to the gross hypocrisy is the fact that Gloria Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom, is defending Weinstein, "tutoring" him in acceptable behavior in 2017.  Weinstein somehow missed the feminist movement, the tyranny of political correctness, and every other constraint imposed on Americans, for good or ill, since the 1960s.  Lisa and her mother have made their very public careers as camera hogs who defend women who have allegedly been sexually harassed or abused by sports or entertainment celebrities.  

Now Lisa is defending the biggest celebrity abuser of all.  Surprise?  Not one bit.  She is quoted as saying he is "an old dinosaur learning new ways."  Ha!  Even Bill Clinton didn't come up with that excuse.  But Allred and Bloom are publicity hounds, and such people are nothing more than self-serving money-grubbers – like Obama's Mao-admiring Anita Dunn, who is also "consulting" with Weinstein.  These women, Allred, Bloom, and Dunn, evidently have no character, no moral code.  They will say or do anything to advance themselves.  Weinstein is producing a series for Bloom about the Trayvon Martin case.  She will kiss his feet, give him a massage, and watch him in the shower to see that her project goes forward.  

These people live by a different code of ethics from what the rest of us abide by.  They believe they are entitled to an alternate set of values.  They can lie, cheat, steal, sexually harass, and be proud of what they got away with, of what they have achieved, because they sacrificed the values with which they may have been raised.  They can hire equally morally compromised lawyers to settle the consequences of their bad behavior.  They can have armed guards, full-time security around their homes, and safe rooms.  While the rest of us must be horrified by the sexual predators they embrace, we must be denied access to our last resort of self-defense: guns.  They are special; the rest of us are expendable.  The ignorant arrogance of the late-night "comics" is beyond the pale.  Not one of them has a clue about the meaning of the Second Amendment or why the rest of us revere it.  They all have full-time armed security, and their homes have the best protection available.  They have ranted every night this week about the horrors of private gun ownership but have yet to mention Harvey Weinstein's thirty-year history of predation.  They won't; he is one of them.  

Weinstein ran his company as any tyrant runs a country, as Stalin ran the USSR, as Castro ran Cuba: by instilling fear in his willing, ambitious underlings.  Weinstein's employees, all of whom wanted to work in the film business, were held to an enforced code of silence and were mandated never to criticize the company or "its leaders."  The women who settled for payouts had to sign confidentiality agreements.  They essentially agreed to let the man loose on other women for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver.  Each of them sold her soul and put succeeding women at risk.  This is of a piece with the fact that these lefty anti-gun folks have armed guards, the highest-tech security systems at their homes, demanding that the rest of us disarm and be perpetually vulnerable.  Their hypocrisy is stunning.  

Trump won because a majority of people between the coasts are sick to death of these self-appointed betters assuming for themselves a different set of rules, a different, more permissive lifestyle, than they decree the rest of us must live by.  The NYT story about Harvey Weinstein and the post-Las Vegas massacre anti-gun hysteria by the left are the perfect intersection of their truly venal lack of character and their ignorance of true American history.  This bunch is a blight upon American culture, academia, and politics.  They must be defeated.

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