Weinstein ignites Democrats' bonfire of the inanities

A fault line runs through the Democratic Party, with two tectonic plates colliding.  The feminist plate, with its strict code of sexual conduct, is pressing up against the plate representing sexual libertinism and the normalized excesses of Hollywood culture.  Back during the Clinton presidency, the feminists utterly surrendered to the libertines, going so far as to offer the "one free grope" standard that applies only to Democrats.  But in the intervening 19 years, the anger of the feminists has been on the rise and was put on steroids by the vulgar private remarks of Donald Trump many years ago, recorded and released by political enemies during the campaign.

Now that Harvey Weinstein, whose movies have done so much to attack conventional norms and whose money has funded so many prominent Democrats, has been exposed as a grotesque abuser of women, the resulting pressures are causing Democrats to embarrass themselves.

There is no winning position for Democrats on any of this.  Consider the case of Donna Brazile, who sabotaged Bernie Sanders's debate with Hillary by leaking questions to his opponent.  She published an astounding tweet yesterday:

The Weinstein Company has taken the lead against sexual harassment and assault. https://t.co/Vozb3P3gXJ

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) October 8, 2017

The only way that "The Weinstein Company has taken the lead against sexual harassment and assault" is true is that it fired Harvey yesterday.  But enabling the widely known predation for decades is not exactly taking the lead, so a lot of history must be ignored to make such a statement.

...which makes this tweet inane.

Or consider Princess Chelsea, the daughter of a serial abuser of women.  She tried to have it both ways, avoiding personal comment but tweeting a link to a pathetic seven-part tweet thread from Judd Legum, editor of the Soros-funded Think Progress:

Thread: https://t.co/NNmBzj65kG

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) October 7, 2017

Hilarity ensued on Twitter, with many commenting that she is in no position to make judgments.  If Bill Clinton is OK, then Harvey must be OK, too.

But take it from Ashley Judd: just BS-ing with a younger male about the sexual privilege of celebrities is a horror that merits blowing up the White House.

The Democrats and the Clintons have fastened their wagon to a sexual predator, who defiled the Oval Office with oral sex, and they are stuck.

I have to wonder how many secrets Harvey knows.  My guess is that there are plenty of prominent politicians on whom he has some dirt, since he was a source of young and willing talent for their recreational use.

This scandal isn't going away.  And it has sex and celebrities, the two ingredients of public and media attention.

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