Watch as GOP guest savages MSNBC's Chris Hayes for politicizing Vegas massacre before the bodies are even cold

Hate-filled progressives seem to be no longer able to mimic mentally healthy human beings in their reactions to the mass slaughter and maiming of innocents at a country music festival.  So anxious are they to display their superiority that they unmask their inhumanity and their eagerness to exploit suffering.

MSNBC sent Chris Hayes to Las Vegas to cover the story, and it appears from his fractured syntax that the stress and possible a lack of sleep were getting to him when he interviewed Danny Tarkanian, who is running for the Senate seat in Nevada on the ballot next year.  Video of the entire five-minute segment is embedded below.  The highlight was when Hayes lapsed into partial incoherence but managed to get to his agenda item of gun control (rush transcript via Grabien).

... there are Senate Democrats today who were talking about guns. And Chris Murphy who represents Connecticut where Newtown happened and things like that that in the absence of that, that there is [sic] some concrete things that Congress can do to reduce the incidents of gun violence and mass shootings in this country. That something you think is achievable, I guess, is the question before you think it's advisable? 

Tarkanian's response shamed Hayes and challenged the logic of passing more laws to control someone who already has broken multiple laws.

Look, I think that any time an activity like this can happen in our country, it's wrong. And something needs to be done to stop it. The bodies aren't even cold yet. And we're going to sit here and politicize this thing? Why don't you wait until there is some time for the people to grieve and get over this, and then you can figure out exactly how did the guy get his guns, how did he get ten guns like that? Did he break the law to get them? Are you going to pass laws that will stop someone from breaking the laws? We don't even know what happened yet. I think the best thing to do is one, focus on the great work people here in Las Vegas did, first with the police officers and the firemen, helping to minimize what the shooter was able to do. The incredible work by all the people in the hospitals and the emergency rooms. You know, the people that are giving blood. It's four hours just to get for you to wait in line to give blood here in Las Vegas. The churches are involved. I'm going to a vigil at 6:00 at my church. We're doing some wonderful things in this community to try to minimize this horrendous act that happened here there is going to be time to politicize this later on. And if there are solutions, to come up with those solutions. 

Hayes could not let it drop.  Though he offered ritual acknowledgment of the many heroes, he went right to his Trump-hating agenda with a non sequitur reference to a phony charge made by the left on Trump's policy on entrants to the U.S. from terror states:

And I understand and respect what you're going through here. I just want to follow up on that question politicize. Because when a murderer killed dozens of people at the pulse nightclub in Orlando, the president of the United States, the man you support, and whose support you boasted of called for banning a billion people worldwide in the wake of that, and the bodies hadn't even been identified. Isn't that politicizing too?

Tarkanian would have none of it:

I think you love to misquote President Trump. And that's all good and well for your viewership. I'm not going to get into that today when this has been the worst tragedy that happened to my city and you want to start taking potshots at the president. Let's talk what happened here, what our city is going through and what we're trying to do to get through this really, really difficult period of time.

Hayes's response was weak.  He had been called out on his own airwaves.  It seems that fewer people are willing to let media slanders pass unnoted.

Here is the video: