Vivid account of decades of alleged Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment published by NYT

What goes around has come around for a pillar of the Hollywood Democrat donor establishment.  Who would ever have thought Harvey Weinstein might getting the Bill O'Reilly treatment from the New York Times, of all places?  In case you don't know, Harvey is a mega-successful movie producer with four Best Picture Oscars®, a big donor to all the proper favorite Hollywood politicians and causes, including the feminists.  Like the Silicon Valley moguls, he could have concluded he had purchased immunity, a progressive indulgence such as Ted Kennedy got. And now he comes across as a latter-day movie mogul with slightly better manners than Harry Cohn and an active casting couch.  The title of the New York Times article says it all:  "Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein."  It is a little long, but the story is very well told.  It begins with a story told by Ashley Judd, the very...(Read Full Post)