Trump talked the talk; Weinstein and Clinton walked the walk

What a week!  The media don't know what to cover first.  President Trump starting World War 3, according to irrelevant Senator Bob Corker.  Vice President Mike Pence walking out of an NFL game after players kneeled for the National Anthem.  Trump's tax plan.  His Obamacare executive orders.  Continued uncertainty and changing story lines about the Las Vegas shooting.  So much news that the Trump-Russia collusion story has gone back to sleep.

Topping it all off is the news that Democrat icon, leader of the Hollywood left, and fundraiser extraordinaire for liberal causes and candidates Harvey Weinstein is getting pounded worse than Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.

There are new accusers every day – soon enough to fill Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where the Academy Awards ceremony is held, where Meryl Streep called her pal Harvey "God."  Next year, there can be a few new award categories with only a handful nominees: actresses not assaulted or raped by Harvey Weinstein and actors who did not know Harvey Weinstein is a pig.  Matt Damon and Russell Crowe will be excluded.

Hillary "What Happened" Clinton finally weighed in after days of silence.  I suspect she didn't realize all the fuss was about Weinstein, thinking instead that accusations of rape and abuse against a powerful Democrat meant her husband, making it awkward for her to weigh in.

This is especially noticeable after her campaign tweet, "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported."  That applies except when the perp is a famous Democrat.  Like Harvey Weinstein.  Or Bill Clinton.  Or Anthony Weiner.  Or Ted Kennedy. 

The Obamas took just as long to comment on their friend Harvey's recently revealed atrocities, perhaps because their daughter Malia interned with Harvey Weinstein just a few months ago, working for the "Oscar whisperer himself," as Vanity Fair describes him.  Did the Obamas not know whom they were sending their daughter to intern with?

Meathead Rob Reiner weighed in as well, saying, "Weinstein is a bad guy but Trump is far worse."  That is, as Archie Bunker might say to the Meathead, "a pigment of your imagination."

Let's compare Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton.

Trump talked the talk, as in his Access Hollywood recording.  He said some nasty and demeaning words about women twelve years ago.  The key word is said.

Weinstein and Clinton walked the walk.  They did.  Very different.  Weinstein's number of victims is growing by the hour.  Just turn on the news for an update.

Bill Clinton has a long list, too, so much so that the Washington Post published "a guide to the allegations of Bill Clinton's womanizing."  There are so many that a list wasn't adequate.  An actual guide was needed, broken down into "consensual affairs" and "unwanted sexual encounters" – including rape, something Clinton and Weinstein have both been accused of. 

Taking Mrs. Clinton at her word, "every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported."  Let's hope so.

Trump trash-talked about what he might do, what he thought of doing.  I'll bet similar conversations take place in NFL locker rooms on a regular basis.

But he didn't walk the walk, as the two randy boys did.  Not content to talk, they harassed, abused, and raped.  Big difference.

Is Trump an altar boy?  Hardly.  Was he elected to be the gentleman in chief or to Make America Great Again?  The voters knew the difference and voted accordingly.

Trying to equate Trump with Weinstein and Clinton diminishes the evil that the two nasty boys visited upon their victims.  The left has already cloaked itself in hypocrisy, looking the other way for decades while Clinton and Weinstein demeaned women in some of the worst ways possible.  Democrats defended and excused their behavior until this week, when the dam finally broke, sweeping Weinstein off his perch of Democrat kingmaker, out of a job, out of marriage, and into sex addiction rehab, hoping to avoid joining Anthony Weiner behind bars.  And there has been little mention of Weinstein's partner in crime, Bill Clinton.

The left has been caught supporting and enabling yet another sexual predator.  Don't forget child rapist Roman Polanski.  They are frantically trying to mitigate the damage by equating Trump with their monsters, those they created, those they embraced.

Just remember: while Trump talked the talk, Weinstein, Clinton, and many others walked the walk.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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