The Texas chain migration abortion

Abortion advocates were dancing with glee when a federal judge ruled that a pregnant teenage illegal alien in a Texas detention center could go get the abortion she wanted at taxpayer expense.  The federal government had been discouraging the facilitation of the act, and the shelter at which she was staying did not want to facilitate the killing by so much as driving her to the abortion mill.

She didn't want the anchor baby.  And given her apparent militancy (though, to be fair, we are hearing from her only from the word of the activists), it looks as though she doesn't particularly want to stay here, being willing to throw out that "advantage."  More likely, knowing she was pregnant, she seems to have made the decision to come to the U.S. for a free abortion, if for nothing else, relying on the presence of left-wing lawyers who would ensure it.

Abortion is not available, at least legally, in the Central American country of her citizenship.  Now her victory in court for her right to kill her 16-week-old unborn baby opens the gate for the U.S. to become a sanctuary state for any illegal who wants a free abortion.

It's appalling.  The anti-abortion forces who fought it said it opens the gate for a constitutionally guaranteed right to abortion for all illegals, at our expense, making the U.S. a magnet for abortions from abroad, no legal entrance required.  Given that babies born on U.S. soil are U.S. citizens, like it or not, it also gives foreigners the right to kill these U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, which isn't quite what the founders had in mind.

It also tramples heavily on rule of law.  A Texas law that requires minors to have the permission of their parents was easily skirted, for one thing, while the Texas law that requires women who want abortions to be fully informed about whom they are killing, with sonograms and other evidence, was whined about loudly by the illegal alien, who broke the law earlier by entering the U.S. illegally and didn't want to obey this law, either.  (Obviously, she didn't come here to obey the law.)  Most appalling, the broad picture shows a one-set-of-laws-for-illegals and another-set-of-laws-for-the-rest-of-us picture, in that she got a free abortion on demand (a violation of the Hyde Amendment) while other Americans must pay for theirs.  The Texas attorney general has pointed out that illegals now seem to have constitutionally guaranteed rights to abortion with this ruling.

Perhaps the Trump administration gave up on fighting for it as the appeals and counter-appeals rolled on, given the power of the abortion lobby.  Perhaps Trump's people gave up on it in light of the voter sentiment against the games other illegals play with anchor babies, given their automatic U.S. citizenship, and the public's disgust with the entire matter.

Whatever it was, it's a horrible event, with the baby now cut up and sold for parts in the post-abortion marketplace and the teen living with the fact that she killed her own baby in her pursuit of a nursing degree.  You probably wouldn't want this person for your nurse.

The next question is whether she gets to stay here.  Someone who puts this low a value on human life and is this unwilling to obey U.S. laws ought to be disqualified by the moral turpitude clause.  But all the evidence points to her not really wanting to be here for its own sake.  She was just looking for a freebie from Uncle Sucker while allowing herself to be used by the powerful ACLU-led abortion rights lobby here.  In the end, it's a sad story.