The smelly details of the ISIS surrender

The Islamic State seems to have come to a particularly wretched end, with the New York Times reporting the surrender of thousands of ISIS fighters, not forgetting to note that it was a smelly ordeal, given that numerous fighters had either soiled themselves or used their desert bathrobes as toilet paper.  Eeew.  And according to the Times report, at least one of them went to the bathroom on himself without even bothering to wipe up.

Care to join this group, idiots?

It's right that the Times reported those gross details, because it makes ISIS known for this.  Rather than being the terror group of triumphant black flag processions in the eyes of Middle Eastern young men, they're now the terror group of dirty dishdashas and smelly clumps and gross body odors – hardly a recruiting ad for joining this vile terror group.  I hope the execrable details are plastered all over Twitter, too – ISIS in all its glory.

And aside from the press doing its part with the gamy details about the losers, the Trump administration should do its part, too.  As ISIS stands humbled in its own filth with New York Times reporters reporting all about it, doing their best to learn from their brother reporters at the New York Post, U.S. troops and their allies stand tall.  Freed from the lawyers and micromanaging of the bureaucrats of the White House, they got in there, blew the hell out of ISIS, left them crying in their diapers, and won the war, as they were so fully capable of doing.

President Trump should heap honors galore on these brave men and women who took out the trash and let it be known that on this front, America is great again, destined to lead.  There should be triumphant victory parades for those on the front lines who drove these miserable terrorists to surrender and stories of how they did it.  This is a dramatic turning point that deserves to be recognized.  This is what victory looks like.

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