The much-vaunted Women's Conference descends into Maxine Waters shrieking

So here we have it: The great Women's Convention: Reclaiming Our Time, the much-vaunted follow-on to the pink pussyhat Women's March on Washington, the "great political groundswell" as its catamites called it - is little more than another screamfest against Donald Trump, with the honors done by Maxine Waters.

“Donald Trump is the most dishonorable and despicable human being to ever serve in the office of the president,” Waters said to a standing ovation and thunderous applause at the first major women’s convention in 40 years.

the Huffington Post reported.

“This is a man with no good values, no good intentions and no good respect,” she told the crowd at the Cobo Center. “That’s why I know we must keep fighting, and that women must lead this resistance. We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not one as indecent and deplorable as Donald Trump.”

As if the 4,000 attendees in Detroit this weekend never heard this sort of blather before. Seriously, what is it about? That they hate Trump? We already knew that. They already knew that. Trump already knew that. That it makes them feel good to hate Trump together? That's what it looks like given the low content apparent from the event.

This was the event that was supposed to change the world. Big Money, from Emily's List, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Kresge Foundation, was poured into it. It was deemed so important it couldn't even have Bernie Sanders as its first speaker, given that he was a man. (Waters was always the keynote speaker). Sanders bowed out and Waters got more press time, as well as the 'reclaiming our time' event subhed. Waters, recall, recently had her microphone yanked by California Democrats for verbal diarrhea that exceeded her allotted time. She demanded and got an apology for that, and has been all about 'reclaiming her time' ever since.

But what she said was remarkably screechy and unremarkable in the much-covered new speech, even for her. She just hates Trump. And she loves the microphone that enables her to say that. And that's the anti-Trump movement in a nutshell. The Trumpsters must be trembling.

Get a load of the leftwing jackassery here:


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