The long history of Russians trying to bribe Clinton, Inc.

I am an original source on Russian bribes, having been part of a 60 Minutes story with the late Mike Wallace in 1998. As a congressional investigator for the House Committee on Rules, we had the "impeachment inquiry," and I was tasked to investigate successful attempts by the Chinese to buy in to the Clinton 1996 presidential campaign and also any and all Russian Mafia attempts at bribery. In investigating Russian Mafia attempts at bribing President Clinton, I teamed up with Mike Wallace and his 60 Minutes team.  We jointly interviewed Dr. Gregori Loutchansky, an alleged leader of a global criminal smuggling syndicate.  We all met in a suite in the Hotel Maurice in Paris.  Dr. Loutchansky really impressed me as a very smart man.  He had been implicated in a bribery scheme through a NYC "straw donor" to then-president Clinton. Mike Wallace and his able producers for the 60 Minutes segment pointed out how...(Read Full Post)