The late-night talk show hosts are very concerned about race and equality...


The late-night talk show hosts, some of whom used to be funny, now spend all their time on going after President Trump on race, sexism, equality, and immigration.  They are anti-Trump all the time.

I consider that especially funny since they are all white males who make huge amounts of money.  I bet they make hundreds of times what their staffs do.  Yet their animating principle seems to be social justice warrior, obsessed with race and equality, as if they were scruffy college students nursing snowflake grievances or else a Democratic Party politician whipping up the crowds.

As I said, anti-Trump all the time.  And now it's just grievance politics substituting for what was once humor.

I saw on Fox News this morning that one of them, the absolutely pathetic Seth Meyers, mentioned that House speaker Paul Ryan said he thinks Trump's heart is in the right place.  Seth Meyers added that that should have been the "White Place."

These late-night people pretend they are so smart while they have a team of writers do most of their monologues.  Jimmy Kimmel pretends he knows everything about Obamacare and the replacement bill.  Does anyone believe he read either?  More likely he used Democrat talking points, as most reporters also do, provided by the likes of top Democrats like Chuck Schumer. 

The late-night hosts certainly should make fun of Trump sometimes, but if they want to make their shows funny again...well, Hillary is hilarious with her gripe a minute, Harvey Weinstein is relevant, Maxine Waters says some really stupid stuff, and Nancy Pelosi most of the time can't even figure out who is president.  Senators Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders are pretty hilarious or pathetic also. 

If they want to be funny, they should be more balanced in their attacks, at least, just as Jay Leno and Johnny Carson were.

Democrat talking points aren't funny.