The Androgynous Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the finest private institutions in our land, has become politically correct (i.e., surrendered to the enemy) and transformed itself into the Androgynous Scouts of America.  It has been a ghastly descent by a once noble organization.  The Boy Scouts admitted same sex-attracted scouts in 2013 and same sex-attracted scout leaders in 2015.  The Boy Scouts also allowed this year scouts to claim they are members of the opposite sex.

It is not as if girls needed to join the Boy Scouts in order to participate in the sort of activities the Boy Scouts have engaged in for the last century.  The Girl Scouts of America fulfilled that role completely, and, in fact, the Camp Fire Girls gave girls two choices while boys had only the Boy Scouts.  What, then, is the motivation for opening up a private and wholesome organization to girls and transsexuals?

The motivation is the iron law of all totalitarians: extinguish all natural or chosen differences among people.  So rather than create an organization that, from its inception, blended boys and girls together – like Future Farmers of America or 4H clubs – the leftist goal is to identify and effectively destroy the identity of any organization that does not conform and mash into unrecognizable mush.  So the Boy Scouts of America have become, instead, the Androgynous Scouts of America.

Soon the Girl Scouts will feel compelled to admit boys as well, and all the historic values which these once good and decent organizations instilled will be nothing more than another appendage of the mindless beast of Leftist conformity.  These once good organizations will become brainless mouthpieces of such macabre fetishes as Manmade Global Warming or gender equivalence or some other empty, dreary, dull and meaningless substitute for serious growth into manhood or womanhood which is what the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts once represented.

The only real option for sane people like conservatives is to disassociate themselves from all the institutions of society except for a select few, like traditional churches and synagogues that do not change with fashion, because the members of these groups grasp that fashion in values is a grotesque fraud deserving no more notice than a madman baking himself into a cake.

The de-institutionalization of America ought to be the highest, perhaps the only, real goal worth seeking in our land.  Conservatives and other normal people ought to watch very closely every nuanced move or change in attitude by any organizations they associate with and then close all contact with that organization as soon as it moves into the legions of leftist conformity.

The irony, of course, is that a generation ago, the left opposed (with a dishonest heart) all efforts toward "conformity" and also opposed the "establishment" (which was, of course, always actually tilting left).  It is the left that desperately needs more and more conscripted cannon fodder for its wars against normality and decency. 

We see just a smidgen of the power of our disengagement with the odious NFL kneeling at the National Anthem.  If all conservatives stopped watching the NFL, the income of the players would nosedive, and college football, almost as prostituted to political correctness as the NFL, would find itself with much less income and many fewer players.

What would happen if all conservatives pulled their boys out of the Androgynous Scouts of America and formed, instead, an organization of similar activities but explicitly dedicated to "seeing, cherishing, and supporting the natural differences between boys and girls and providing a wholesome environment for boys as boys to learn and grow into manhood"?

If enough conservatives got behind such an organization, and if that organization, tightly controlled by conservatives, blossomed, it could be the beginning of the end of the plague of leftism in our land.  If conservatives do nothing, then our future and the future of our children is doomed.