Statistics show a 'causal relationship' between reduced policing and violent crime

Recent FBI statistics show that there is at least a "causal relationship" between reduced policing in cities that suffered from anti-police violence and violent crime. The most glaring example is Chicago, where police have come under withering attack for several high-profile killings of unarmed civilians.  The murder rate went up an astronomical 86% from 2014 to 2016.  Other cities, including Dallas, Baltimore, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Charlotte, also experienced spiking numbers of murders. The common factors in all those cities were protests and riots against perceived police brutality. Daily Caller: As McDonald [sic] sees it, agitation by groups such as Black Lives Matter, encouraged by slanted media coverage, has led to a retrenchment among big-city police forces. Street cops are so worried about being vilified by city leaders and the press that they are avoiding contact with the criminal element, she says. "Cops are backing off of...(Read Full Post)