Social justice warrior who stole MAGA hat to face justice system

Last week, a remarkable video was seen by millions of viewers on YouTube, showing a U.C. Riverside student stealing a MAGA hat and refusing to give it back.  I wrote about it here, as a symptom of an actual, serious, long-term revolutionary movement underway in the United States.  The progressive cant uttered by the student, identified now as Edith Masias, reveals the brainwashing she has received: a mindset that utterly rejects the laws and customs of society. Here is the more than nine-minute-long video, which is worth a viewing if you have not yet seen it: Now the victim of the theft, Matthew Vitale, who debates her on the video, has filed charges against her, and because of her subsequent actions, the charges may rise to the level of felony.  Milo Yiannopoulos's site Milo reports: Vitale, a member of UC Riverside College Republicans, says he has decided to press criminal theft charges against her. He had first declined to press...(Read Full Post)