So what's patriotic these days? The left has some bizarre answers

Once upon a time, being patriotic meant supporting the troops, honoring the flag, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and loving your country.  It was pretty simple.

But for years, the left has been busy trying to redefine patriotism so that anything and everything that liberals like is patriotic.  Leftists do it time and again, appropriating the idea while filling it with the substance of...leftism.

The result is a muddle of inconsistent and bizarre claims about what constitutes patriotism these days.  Paying for tax hikes is patriotic.  Supporting Antifa in all its thuggery is patriotic.  Liking Obamacare is patriotic.  And the list is far more extensive than that.

IBD's John Merline went through years of news stories and commentary to untangle the mess and came up with a hell of a list.  You won't believe what makes the left's list of patriotic things and what's now considered unpatriotic.  It can be read here.

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