Sandy Hook and the gun-grabbers' logic

The absurdity of the gun control arguments made after the Sandy Hook massacre is now fully apparent, thanks to FBI files just released.  Joe Tacopino reports in the N.Y. Post:

Adam Lanza expressed his desire to commit the Sandy Hook massacre years before the tragedy took place – and when a witness alerted police, cops said there was nothing they could do, newly released FBI documents reveal.

In 2008, the witness, whose name has been redacted, heard Lanza (inset) say that he had access to assault weapons and planned to kill students at the elementary school, along with his mother, Nancy Lanza, according to a cache of documents released this week.

"Lanza allegedly [said] that he planned to kill his mother and children at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut," the document reads.

Lanza's rights were protected, and others suffered (and still suffer) horrendous harm.  And the remedies suggested on the left involve sacrificing others' right to be armed.

It is clear that we have mental health issues among the young.  Instead of compromising the Second Amendment, how about finding ways to constrain people who are crazy?

Update: Mike Ford writes:

The failure of law enforcement is even more egregious than you implied.  Connecticut, like most other states, has an "involuntary commitment for evaluation" statute.  Any LEO doctor or psychiatrist who can articulate a credible concern that a subject may harm himself or others can have said subject committed for up to a 72-hour involuntary evaluation.

I happened to recall this from my time as a cop in Florida...back in the day.

Here is a decent explainer: