Political correctness craziness: US Air Farce edition

For almost thirty years I called on military installations all over the United States as a health care marketer.  Something I learned in that time is that each of the services has its own culture, with the Army being the most relaxed and receptive to new ideas, the Navy being somewhere in the middle, and the United States Air Force acting as if it had a permanent stick up its derrière.  These last were sticklers for operating strictly by the rules and regs and resistant to change, even though such change might benefit their troops.  I remember asking an older rep who'd called on them for decades about this and being told, "Who knows, son?  It's just the way they've always been."

That is precisely why I have been amazed to see how rapidly and thoroughly the Air Force has seemingly succumbed to the leftist groupthink processes of political correctness.  I was reminded of this by an article at Townhall by Todd Starnes relating just how thoroughly the zoomies have been infected with all the liberal leftist nonsense about race, gender, and sexual orientation.  It seems that a very high-performing officer, Colonel Leland Bohannon, a pilot with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and enough of the right stuff to be a candidate for a general's star, has run afoul of the P.C. rules and now faces disgrace and dishonor.

So just what ghastly thing did Col. Bohannon do that merits the total destruction of his honorable and admirable career?  As Starnes relates:

Last May the colonel declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation for a retiring master sergeant's same-sex spouse [sic]. 

He was unable to do so because it would have caused him to affirm a definition of marriage contrary to his sincerely held religious beliefs. 

According to the article, Col. Bohannon had already been selected for promotion to brigadier general, but that promotion (and perhaps the colonel's current rank) has been sacrificially burned on the altar of political correctness for what can only be described as a frivolous matter: the signing of a thank-you note at a retirement.  Good thing no one asked him to bake a cake – the Air Farce might bust him all the way back to airman first class.

I wonder what would happen if this politically correct injustice were brought to the attention of Donald Trump and General Mattis.

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