Peggy Noonan strikes out

Peggy Noonan wrote an intellectually challenged column comparing President Trump to Sarah Palin. She said about Palin that:

Support for her cooled due to antic statements, intellectual thinness and general strangeness. 

She said about Trump that:

The same may well happen or be happening with Donald Trump. One reason is there is no hard constituency in America for political incompetence and that is what he continues to demonstrate.

I believe Trump is certainly showing more competence on domestic and foreign policy than either Obama and Hillary have ever shown. 

Trump knows that by allowing people and businesses to keep more of the money they earned the economy would thrive and minorities, the young, the poor and middle class would all have a better chance to move up the economic ladder.  Neither Obama or Hillary seemed to understand that. Obama’s economic policies yielded the slowest economic recovery in 70 years. Is that competence?

Trump understands that Congress passes immigration laws and the president and Justice Department are supposed to enforce those laws. Obama seemed to agree with that in his statements, but never followed through. That certainly looks incompetent or dishonest to me. 

Trump and the military are taking out ISIS and other terrorist groups. Obama was so incompetent that he called them the JV team and allowed them to build up. 

Trump is not the incompetent President who went around lying to the public that if Obamacare passed that premiums would go down and people would be able to keep their doctor and health plan if they liked them. Only a completely incompetent, ignorant or congenital liar would look at Obamacare and not understand that premiums would skyrocket when competition was reduced. 

Obama and previous incompetent Presidents continually gave North Korea stuff if they pretended they would stop building nuclear weapons. You would think that after 15 years of North Korea violating its promises that Obama, Hillary and Kerry would have learned -- but they didn’t. It is left up to Trump to fix the mess he was left.

Only an extremely incompetent, intellectually challenged President would look at what North Korea did and do the same thing with Iran, which also pledges death to America. 

It took the competent Trump to get NATO to pay closer to the share of defense spending that they have promised. Of course, almost all reporters and Democrats told Trump he shouldn’t have done that.

Trump was not the incompetent President that drew a red line in Syria and whispered that he would have more flexibility with Russia if he was elected. After Obama was in for four years, he laughed at Romney when he said Russia was a threat. That shows how truly incompetent and ignorant Obama was about Russia. 

I haven’t seen Trump blame a video for deaths of Americans. 

I would challenge Peggy Noonan and any other reporter to list the foreign and domestic achievements of Obama or Hillary that indicate competence and/or intelligence. I am having trouble thinking of any that helped America in the short or long term. 

Noonan talks about Trump being unpopular in polls. Where does she think that Obama or Hillary would have been if over 90% of the stories had been negative as they have been about Trump?

This article certainly would make Peggy more popular with reporters and Democrats but it shows minimal if any analysis on her part.