OJ is released from prison, so media briefly distracted from Trump-bashing

I really don’t care at all that O.J. Simpson was released on parole from prison at 12:01 AM in northern Nevada, at the Lovelock Correctional Facility. Evidently, Nevada officials successfully avoided a media crush and the possibility of another slow speed chase, as media with nothing better to do focus lavish attention on a felon.

When I arose in the wee hours of the morning, Fox News had replaced the usual reruns of discussion shows with live reports from Las Vegas, a couple hundred miles from Lovelock, but somewhere a live shot can be done with lights on in the background at 2 AM.

Simpson at his parole hearing

With the NFL, which is going to pay a pension to OJ, in the media spotlight, will Simpson say anything on the record about “justice”? Or will the irony be too much, even for him?

Somehow, I bet MSNBC or someone else will find a way to attack Trump over OJ being set free. Maybe the Vegas odds makers are already making book on when the first link will be made.