Normalizing 'shooting at Trump' for the kiddies in public schools

Over at Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming, the high school juniors were asked to read George Orwell's Animal Farm and then answer this online quiz question:

Question 1:

Napoleon has the gun fired for a new occasion. What is the new occasion?

O He was shooting at Trump.

O His birthday

O For completion of the windmill.

O To scare off the attackers of Animal Farm.

Students in reddest-of-red state Wyoming objected and the school pulled the quiz and the whole incident found its way into a newspaper. Who knows what the response would have been had the quiz been given in a blue state?

What it does show is that lethal, anti-Trump sentiment is normal sentiment in the nation's public schools, even in the most Republican of states. It's quite remarkable that this lftist idiocy happened in Wyomng, given that 68.2% of its voters case their vote for Donald Trump. Yet the embitted left, with its lethal "shoot Trump" fantasies, does not seem to care if a question like that annoyed the citizens.

It's not even really about Trump when you think about it. It's about whether 'shooting Trump' becomes normal educational establishment talk and everyone, student, teacher and administrator, joins in to keep the death wish blowing. 

This kind of talk is already all over the Internet and there have been numerous instances in Hollywood and the press as well. It cheapens and coarsens the culture and sets the stage for a real assassin, much as the Arab 'Street' fueled the barbarism of the 'Arabian Spring.' Horrible things generally happen in a petri dish of like minded souls.

And incredibly, it's spread to Wyoming. Unless there's some real house-cleanning, this kind of talk will spring up again as the 'new normal.' What a contribution to America's civic landscape, courtesy of the public schools.



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