Mueller facing a historic legal blowback

One would think a combat Marine officer who served in Vietnam would be sensitive to the premature death of his fellow warriors due to Agent Orange cancers and other terminal diseases.  Less than a third of us are still alive, with an average age of 71.

That is what makes a real tragedy of then-FBI director Mueller's apparent willful blindness in allowing his FBI to be slow-rolled in making a case against Russian criminals who were moving yellow-cake uranium (U1) out of U.S. control and safeguards.  The radioactive half-life of uranium products being processed into reactor rods is four million years.  Breathe it in and die.

So when Robert Mueller was selected as special counsel, he knew what he had done -- even if the yellowcake crimes had not yet been made public.  An honorable man would have turned down the assignment.  Furthermore, his connection to James Comey makes his judgmental failure in accepting his appointment even more tragic for the rule of law in America.

His legal team leaking on Friday the fact that indictments will be handed down on Monday smacks of desperation.  If they were not condoned by the special counsel, then that is why God invented the polygraph – to stop such leaks.

Here is the coming blowback: because Robert Muller is now under a significant legal cloud as being agenda-driven and possibly politically compromised, a good defense attorney can challenge all his actions.  In essence, in front of a judge, put him and his team on trial.  Discovery can work both ways.

It is said the evidence is the evidence, but if a former FBI director withheld criminal evidence for political reasons against Russian gangsters, why can he not be shading his evidence now to protect himself by mudding up his past dereliction of duty?

Political hostage-taking using criminal indictments certainly puts a nasty cloud over the integrity of his process.

It is possible that those individuals that he and his team are bringing to justice did commit crimes.  If so – so be it!  However, due process and innocent until proven guilty are still hopefully embedded in our Constitution and our system of equal justice under the law.

But Robert Mueller may have now made two significant mistakes.  The first is his slow-roll willful blindness to the criminal foundation in the U1 yellowcake scandal.  The second is totally screwing up his investigation and prosecution with his horrendous conflict of interest.

Shame on him!  He should have known better, and the FBI deserves better leadership.

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