Mass shootings and the left's culture of dissidence

Left-wing cultural influences, not guns, are responsible for mass shootings.

In the immediate wake of the horrific Las Vegas massacre, the left has predictably politicized the event to advance its gun control agenda.  Such violence has no place in America, leftists trumpet.  But in fact, the left is quite okay with destruction and violence under the right, politically correct circumstances.

It's okay to burn the American flag.

It's okay to disgrace the National Anthem.

It's okay vandalize private property.

It's okay for inner-city gangs to kill one another – it's more important that the police not intervene.

It's okay for Missouri state senator Maria Cappelle-Nadal to hope Trump is assassinated.

It's okay for University of Tampa sociology professor Kenneth L. Storey to say the people of Texas deserved the death and destruction created by Hurricane Harvey because they supported Trump.

It's okay for Phil Montag of the Nebraska Democratic Party to say he was glad Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot and that he wished he was dead because Scalise sought to replace Obamacare.

Pundits are scratching their heads in search of a motive for Stephen Paddock's rampage.  In the left's culture of dissidence and victimization, why is it not okay for a crazed person to pick up a gun and start shooting people for any reason imaginable?

America has been saturated with guns since the Pilgrims landed.  It is the left's cultural contamination that spawns gun violence, not guns.  What the left needs to do is to stop transferring guilt from itself to the NRA.  What the nation needs to do is to gain better control of the left, not guns.