Judicial hubris has escalated into a judicial coup

A federal judge has ventured far beyond mere judicial activism in declaring that the president cannot alter the policy of his predecessor regarding men who consider themselves women, and vice versa, serving in the military.

In effect, this judge has deemed President Trump to no longer be commander-in-chief.

President Trump nullified the order that granted transgendered personnel full access to military service while pretending to be members of the opposite sex.  Today, a federal judge has ruled that the president has no such authority.  Let that sink in.  The president has no authority to set policy for military service.

This is a gross usurpation of power that, if permitted, establishes a precedent for any federal judge to stay the hand of the president in the conduct of war.  This egregious overreach must be resisted and punished.

The hubris of the federal judiciary has only grown since getting away with ignoring the stated presidential prerogative codified in law granting him the power to determine the status of immigrants and refugees seeking to enter the U.S.

I have written previously about Congress stripping these court's jurisdiction over these decisions, and now there can no longer be any hesitation in doing so.  This latest ruling constitutes a quiet but altogether pernicious judicial coup and must be addressed forcefully and without delay.

It is time for Congress to act.

Do as President Clinton once did, and strip jurisdiction from these out-of-control courts before they launch our nation into a full-blown constitutional crisis.

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