Judge Jeanine on the Clintons: 'These people belong in jail'

Jeanine Pirro, a former judge and district attorney in Westchester County, N.Y., is building a reputation for blunt directness backed by legal expertise.  She is able to cut through the haze of obfuscation and distraction that is the output of the mainstream media and focus on the concrete realities.

I suspect that Judge Jeanine gained this talent when addressing juries as a prosecutor, perhaps reminding them of the lives lost or the psychological trauma of victims when summing up a case against an accused violent criminal.  She must have learned how to cut through the gossamer arguments spun by defense attorneys.

When she speaks about sex crimes, as she recently has done discussing Harvey Weinstein, real emotion flows through her voice, face, and body language.

Yesterday, Judge Jeanine spoke the awful truth about Uranium One and the Clintons.

You can watch the entire segment below.  She calls Congresswoman Wilson a bozo before addressing the Criminals Clinton.

Tonight (Saturday), the judge has an hour on the Fox News air at 9 P.M. Eastern to expand upon her views.  Usually, her first segment, called "Opening Statement," is tightly written and quite pointed.  I hope it focuses on the Clintons – not just because I am a fan of Judge Pirro, but because the MSM are bound and determined to ignore the scandal and use every possible trick to slow the wheels of justice.  So we need compelling statements from authoritative sources, preferably in video format that can be shared on social media.

Much of the public already is skeptical of both the Clintons and media.  The media and Dems who throw themselves all in on the Clintons only accelerate the decline of their fortunes once the truth comes out.

The stakes are staggering.