Joe Biden still wants to be president. Run, Joe, run!

Joe Biden is making new noises about his big plans to run for president again.  Run, Joe, run!

The slightly bonkers former vice president from the Obama administration told Vanity Fair, in his mangled way, that "I haven't decided to run. But I've decided I'm not going to decide not to run."

In other words, he means to run.

He still has the juice for it.

Without a doubt, it's within his character – namb-pamby, desperate to be liked, desperate to be respected, completely on board with the progressive agenda, hair plugs and Chiclet teeth and all.

This is why this story is so comical.  According to Axios, he formed a political action committee last June and has been speaking out in interviews and op-eds for newspapers, all against his potential political rival, Donald Trump.  I also wrote about that here.  He's been making the rounds.  And everyone knows how "aw shoot" disgusted he is with himself for not running for president in 2016, imagining that he would have had the wherewithal to defeat Donald Trump as Hillary Clinton didn't.

Who'd vote for this guy?  Possibly Democrats sick of all the corruption in the Democratic Party establishment?  Most of those have already drifted over to Bernie Sanders.  People who long for decorum in Washington?  You won't find that type nestled among many Democrats.  People who find his clownish statements funny?  Again, not on the "that's not funny" Democrat side.

The problem with Democrats is that progressivism is discredited.  Just look at Venezuela and Cuba.  Just look at Democrats' willingness to collude with formerly communist Russia while yelling that Republicans are the colluders.  With their ideas and party discredited, they tend to favor razzle-dazzle, youth, black and Latino, the silver-tongued speakers, anything but bland candidates with a tendency to bumble on their words and expect to get away with it.

That's bad news for old Joe Biden.

But it's useful for keeping him out of office and out of trouble.  Run, Joe, run!

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