It begins: A few honest Dems speaking out on Hillary’s Fusion-GPS denials

It will be a very slow and painful process for them, but the historic remnant of honest Democrats is coming to terms with the realization that serious, genuine corruption is at the heart of the production and use of the phony Steele dossier. Whether or not they realize that the dossier was the key to spying on the Trump campaign – used to justify unmasking campaign members whose electronic communications were intercepted by NSA monitoring, as Clarice Feldman explains today – they can smell the implausibility of Hillary’s denial of any knowledge of the dossier that cost her campaign and party millions of dollars. Two elder statesmen of the Democratic Party are publicly chastising Hillary Clinton, drawing on their combined many decades of experience with campaigns at high levels.  Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein write: When asked if Hillary Clinton was aware of the dossier and its financing, former campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told CNN, “She may have...(Read Full Post)