Google ignorantly exploits Selena as an emblem for illegals

Google has a fairly good musical doodle today honoring Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, who was tragically murdered at age 23 in 1995 by a horrible fan who had stolen money from her.  The doodle's simplified, somewhat generic graphics clearly enough illustrate much of her biography – from a child who enjoyed singing into hairbrushes on her bed to a girl who joined her family in a band, and then to a young woman who went on to become a star.  It leaves off her tragic death, hoping to advertise just that she was a success story, perhaps.  Best part of it is the singing – Selena really did have a strong, beautiful singing voice well worth remembering, and that was rightly included. But then you go to read the articles linked to the doodle, and you learn how ignorant Google's graphic artists were about who she was.  Worse still, they had an ulterior agenda, which was to claim Selena as an immigrant and to use her as a champion for illegals...(Read Full Post)