Fusion GPS-DNC story...not so important to New York Times readers

Want to have a laugh?  Get a load of the New York Times' "Trending" page, which shows that the news that the Democratic National Committee paid the Russians for the phony "golden showers" file on then-candidate Donald Trump, through its Fusion GPS pals...ranks a lowly eight or nine among the Times' other stories.

That story is the most consequential new revelation about Russian meddling and how desperate the Democrats were to win at any cost, even if it meant paying foreign spies to discredit their opponent.  It also puts paid to the embittered claim that that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.  In reality, it was Democrats who colluded with the Russians.  But apparently, it's just too painful for the tweedy leather elbow patches crowd that subscribes to the New York Times to read.

Assuming that the ranking is an accurate reflection of reader sentiment, the hot story among New York Times readers is the Jeff Flake exit from the Senate, supposedly an indicator of Republican disarray.

Two Flake stories take the top two spots, with another piece on the Republicans' unpopularity ranking approximately four, followed by one on General Mattis not being anti-Trump enough.  There are two stories about blonde female newscasters (Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham) and another one on Boko Haram and its missing girls in deepest Africa.  In some listings, John McCain's defense of the Kurds makes the list.

Then and only then is there any reader interest in the bombshell story that the Democratic National Committee paid cash to Fusion GPS for a filthy, made-up file about prostitutes doing "golden showers" on Donald Trump supposedly sometime in his wayback, putting them in bed with the gamiest KGB agents in Russia, who cooked up the phony stuff for Democrat dollars.

That's too much for Times readers, who live in an anti-Trump universe of their own and are nourished by its stories.

This is probably a sign that the Times will try to bury the story in coming weeks as more revelations roll out.

The other lists on the Times Trending sheet show similar reader tendencies.

"Videos" is led by the excellent Las Vegas shooting timeline sequence but then are devoted in the majority to Flake and Corker and Trump's inner circle at the White House.

"Most Emailed" is led by a piece on tech salaries, Africa stuff, and anti-Trump polemics.  No DNC.

The weekly roundup is led by Lupita Nyongo's interesting personal account of dealing with Harvey Weinstein, other Weinstein stuff, the Trump-Wilson condolence call controversy, a right-wing television host sex harassment controversy, and something on 401(k)s.  No DNC.

"Top Items on Facebook" includes an item about New York Times hiring, Flake, immigration stuff, a Michelle Obama item, and other quirky stuff.  But no DNC.

By contrast, the Washington Post does have the DNC item as its top story (this is visible at the lower right-hand column of the front page), followed by a couple of Flake items, an Einstein auction story, and a piece on race discrimination in Maryland.

It kind of gives a whiff of why the mainstream press is so reluctant to report real news and focuses on inconsequential fluff instead.  Its readers seem to be telling it they want this.

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