Former President Carter thinks he can resolve US-North Korea crisis

Former President Jimmy Carter says he has talked with Donald Trump's national security advisor H.R. McMaster about going to North Korea to negotiate a solution to the crisis with Kim Jong-un's regime.

Carter is lobbying for the job because he thinks that Kim has "now got advanced nuclear weaponry that can destroy the Korean Peninsula and Japan, and some of our outlying territories in the Pacific, maybe even our mainland.”

And we're going to trust the most incompetent president of the 20th century to sit down with North Korea to avoid a nuclear war?

The Hill:

Carter also said he's let Trump's national security adviser H.R. McMaster know that he is "available" if they need a diplomatic envoy to North Korea.

“I told him that I was available if they ever need me,” Carter told the paper.

Carter's comments come weeks after it was reported by a South Korean newspaper that he had volunteered to meet with Kim Jong-un.

“Should former President Carter be able to visit North Korea, he would like to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and discuss a peace treaty between the United States and the North and a complete denuclearization of North Korea,” a University of Georgia professor who spoke with Carter told the paper.

I can think of worse choices as a mediator between the US and North Korea. Jesse Jackson springs to mind. Oliver Stone and Sean Penn wouldn't be far behind in the "most likely to give away the store" sweepstakes in negotiating with Kim.

But this is truly pathetic. Jimmy Carter might be seen as a good guy for building houses for homeless people and raising money for charity. But as a negotiator for US interests, he has zero respect. It's almost like a cry in the wilderness with Carter trying to return to the grand stage but falling hopelessly short because no one thinks he has it in him to represent American interests. 

Carter is almost certainly worried about his "legacy." But any accomplishment during Carter's presidency have long since been superceded by reality. No American president in recent history - including President Obama - failed so miserably on so many levels to achieve anything of note during his tenure.

Best that he stays forgotten.